Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

Creating an Impact

We’re trying to make renewable energy as an asset class accessible to all investors. India's grid, although on boarding renewable energy at a very fast rate, is still one of the dirtiest in the world. Roughly every kilowatt of panel that we add on the rooftop of an establishment in India, on average offsets 20 tonnes of carbon for the next 20 years. Our Fund of INR 50 crores would offset roughly 2,50,000 tonnes of carbon, while saving medium and large businesses money on their electricity bills. All of this while generating a healthy return for our investors. Also, this Fund is a first step towards accelerating solar and renewable energy deployment in India, to help reach India’s target of 50% of all energy to be renewable energy by 2030. We strongly believe that all of us collectively have a strong role to play in doing our part in India’s and humanity’s fight against climate change.


We utilize our expertise, network, and technology to filter through the noise.

Transforming the energy landscape calls for a multi-faceted approach to unlocking capital. We do that by resolving barriers and creating the ideal conditions for investments. We provide our Investors a hassle-free approach to invest in renewable energy projects. Given the market dynamics and cost of solar, this is an ideal time to tap into the opportunity of solar asset investing for the masses.

Healthy Return Potential

The AIF has been structured to provide healthy annualized equity returns over the term of the Fund.

Tangible Asset Ownership

Our hard assets will give you another layer of reassurance. We also use insurance, contracts and other risk mitigation mechanisms to secure the investment

Experienced Team

Our team draws on a wide and deep range of experience not only in the energy sector, but also as investors and operators across various emerging markets.

Why Renewable Energy AIF?

Renewable energy offers a non-cyclical investment opportunity that doesn’t have the ups and
downs of the economic cycles.

It offers an annuity style return to diversify your portfolio.

Infrastructure Manager – Distributed Energy

Distributed Energy is a venture-backed development and aggregation platform that connects renewable projects with funders. They will be the Infrastructure Manager for this fund.
  As the Infrastructure Manager they have experience with Commercial and Industrial Solar. They will prioritise the deployment of this fund above any other.

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