Launching India's First Renewable Energy
Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

About Hamsa

Hamsa Asset Management Pvt Ltd provides our Investors a hassle-free approach to invest in renewable energy projects. Given the market dynamics and cost of solar, this is an ideal time to tap into the opportunity of solar asset investing for the masses.

Transforming the energy landscape calls for a multi-faceted approach to unlocking capital. We do that by resolving barriers and creating the ideal conditions for investments.


Solar Commercial & Industrial Investments
Scheme I (AIF Category II - SEBI Registration Pending)


  • Deployment period of 36 months
  • Fund length of 10 + 2 years
  • 2% Management Fee, 20% Carried interest with an IRR Hurdle of 12%


  • First close and minimum size is INR 20Cr. Our target size is INR 50Cr
  • There is Green-Shoe option of an additional INR 20Cr
  • Minimum Investment is INR 1Cr to participate


  • All opportunities evaluated to deliver an unleveraged Project IRR > 16%
  • We also plan to leverage the portfolio for an overall Project IRR > 19%

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